Why Is The Gram Stain So Important In Clinical Microbiology

Monday July 11, 2022

Determine whether each of the following images belongs to animal and plant cells. Explain the differences between these cell types and give several examples. (0) 2) Microscopic images of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the peripheral circulation of mammals and reptiles are given below. Interpret the differences between these blood cells and discuss the reasons for these differences. Human red blood cells Frog red blood cellsWhy is the Gram stain so important in clinical microbiology? 2 Can a Gram stain result indicate a preferred type of therapy? Explain. 3 Can all bacteria be classified as either Gram positive or Gram-negative? Explain. 4 How might excessive decolorization impact the results of the Gram stain? 5 How might the results of the Gram stain be impacted if the primary and secondary stain were switched?

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