Why Is Business Communication Important To Individuals And Organizations

Thursday July 14, 2022

how can you measure effectivness in the organaization ?how can you measure employee performance ? and how can you measure your organization performanceExplain why is business communication important to individuals and organizations? (5 marks) QUESTION TWO (10 MARKS) a) Draw the communication model and explain each stage? (5 marks) b) Critically discuss how Globalization has impacted the business communication (5 marks) QUESTION THREE (5 MARKS) a) What are the THREE (3) purposes of the message (3 marks) b) Define the following terms Horizontal communication Internal communication (2 marks) QUESTION FOUR (10 MARKS) a) Communication is very important within the context of organization. PAIBOC is needed to ensure the effectiveness of the message. State with explanation each element of PAIBOC (5 marks) b) Name Five communication barriers that occurred between sales team and regional manager

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