What Was The Most Important U.S. Supreme Court Case Concerning The Rights Of Juveniles During The Court Process

Thursday July 7, 2022

What was the most important U.S. Supreme Court case concerning the rights of juveniles during the court process? 2. What is the legal standard that needs to be met in order to adjudicate a young person delinquent by the juvenile court during the adjudicatory stage of the court’s proceedings? 3. What are the three important hearings that take place during pretrial procedures, and why are they important? 4. Do juveniles have the right to a jury trial? Why or why not? 5. When you look at kids who land in adult court. you often find that they’ve been in and out of the system for a long time. This can often occur many different times. until a more horrendous crime is committed. How might this cycle be broken? Can you use examples from the NMHLIS book

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