what was Karl Jaspers’ Axial Period, and what i

Monday July 18, 2022

what was Karl Jaspers’ Axial Period, and what is its significance in human intellectual history

Name the three early Greek Milesians mentioned by Solomon, and briefly describe each thinker’s theory about the nature of the universe.

In again referring to the three just-mentioned Milesian cosmologists, each of their respective arguments for a single factor, thing, or “stuff,” is an example of

While Heraclitus argued that (being/becoming) is real, while (being/becoming) is illusory, Parmenides argued virtually the opposite, by asserting that (being/ becoming) is the only true thing, while (being/becoming) is illusory.

In what way did the pursuits of the Sophists differ from those of the other pre-Socratics?

Compare and contrast Plato’s notion of form to that of Aristotle’s. How do their respective notions affect their respective pictures about the way the world really is? What role does God play in Descartes’ notions concerning substance?

For Descartes, what constitutes body, or corporeal substance? What constitutes mind, or thinking substance?

While Descartes asserted that there were (one/two/three) substance(s), Spinoza argued that there was (one/two/three) substances?

. What was Spinoza’s basic argument against free will? What aspect of human consciousness did he regard as free?

What did Leibniz mean when he said that monads “have no windows”? How then, did Leibniz account for the fact that things/monads do seem to interact

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