What Type Of Negotiations Is Considered When Negotiating For Specific Resources Inside A Functional Organization

Thursday July 21, 2022

What type of negotiations is considered when negotiating for specific resources inside a functional organization? Negotiations with external suppliers Negotiations with the project sponsor Negotiations with functional managers Negotiations with other project managers -2Which of the following documents establishes the operating guidelines for the team and builds clear expectations regarding the acceptable behavior by project team members ? Project charter Team charter Resource management plan Team performance assessments -3″When do team members begin to work together and adjust their work habits and behaviors to support the team, what this stage is called in Tuckman ladder?” Forming Storming Norming Performing -4Which of the following data representation techniques is the most effective when describing the team member role and responsibilities in details? Hierarchical charts Text-oriented formats Assignment matrix RACI chart -5Develop team process is a primary responsibility of? Project management team Project team Project sponsor Project manager -6Estimate activity resource identified resource requirements which are then effectively used in ? Estimating activity durations Sequencing activities Defining activities Creating WBS

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