What Is The General Action Of Muscles Located On The Posterior Forearm

Tuesday July 26, 2022

what is the difference between a polarized and a depolarized neuron?What is the general action of muscles located on the posterior forearm?

2. Identify the wideband connective tissue on the anterior & posterior surface of the wrist & its function.

3. What is the primary muscle-producing abduction at the shoulder joint?

4. Injury to the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle would impair what two movements?

5. The biceps brachii exerts actions upon three joints. What are these joints & their actions?

6. Identify the muscles involved in rotating the hand, as when twisting a doorknob back & forth. Give the action of each muscle.

7. Identify the major arm muscles you use when you lift a glass to drink from it. Give the action for each muscle.

8. Which muscles adduct the arm?

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