What Is The Difference Between A Missense Mutation And A Nonsense Mutation

Tuesday July 19, 2022

Describe the likely cellular organelle or structure that has been affected in the following medical conditions (Note: There may be more than one organelle or structure involved.): A. The sperm of a man cannot swim, thus rendering him infertile. (2) B. A child experiences kidney failure because of Fabry’s disease in which the cells lining the inside of the kidney tubule accumulate abnormally large amounts of glycolipids that are usually degraded by enzymes. (3) C. A person dies within minutes after ingesting cyanide because of a lack of ATP Synthesis (1) 2. Briefly compare the functions of chloroplasts and mitochondria. Identify specific structures in your comparison 3. Briefly describe accommodations that a cell must make if it maintains a large, spherical shape, such as a human egg cell. Then, describe what changes to shape a large cell could make to increase its surface area and explain why these shape changes are advantageous to the cell. (3) 4. Briefly explain the role of peroxisomes in cells. (3) 5. Contrast cells. prokaryotic and eukaryotic and 6. Define contrast. What cells? magnification, resolution (3) the basic features of (4) 7. are all 8. Draw a plant cell generalized (15) 9. Name and explain the components of the endomembrane system. (30) 10. Which two organelles contain their own DNA? (2)What is the difference between a missense mutation and a nonsense mutation? Q2: are mutations important to living organisms? Explain your answer. Q3: What are the different advantages of Sexual reproduction

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