What Is A Direct Benefit Of Ethical Behavior Within An Organization

Wednesday July 6, 2022

What strategies could Burberry add to be more environmentally responsible, Do you think luxury brand exclusivity is worth “the cost”?What is a direct benefit of ethical behavior within an organization? Higher overall company profitability o Improved employee work morale Greater pursuit of profit-driven goals Lower manufacturing costs NEXT > BOOKMARK CLEAR 34 What is a moral philosophy? A group of ideas based on religious texts and rhetorical principles A set of instructions for operating according to company ethics A group of legal standards used to set policies or procedures A set of principles people use in deciding what is right or wrong NEXT > BOOKMARK CLEAR 36 A human resource team member insisted that the time put in to a complaint was worth the effort. She pointed out that while the sales figures of the person who complained had been the highest in the company prior to his complaint, his numbers began to drop a few weeks after he lodged his grievance. The human resources team member believed that if the complainant’s issue was addressed to his satisfaction, his numbers would return to their previous level. The human resources team member’s argument is based on which employee relations metric? Return on investment Cost of grievances Average close time Root causes of grievances NEXT > BOOKMARK CLEAR

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