What Happens When Degree Of Change Is Stable And Complexity Is Simple

Wednesday July 20, 2022

What is the first step towards managing the transportation risk? a Identify risk Ob Characterize threats ??. Assess the vulnerability O d. Identify the ways to reduce those risks1.What happens when degree of change is stable and complexity is simple?(1 Point)

unpredictable environment

many components in the environment

minimal need for sophisticated knowledge

predictable environment

2.You did an excellent project but you failed to submit it on time. You are …………..(1 Point)

efficient but not effecive

effective and efficient

not effective and not efficient

effective but not efficient

3.Which company is an example of Transnational organization?(1 Point)





(1 Point)





4.What is job description?(1 Point)

describe the person

describe the job

describe the employees

describe the company

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