What Elements Of A Smart Goal Is Necessary To Start A Career In The Hotel Industry

Monday July 25, 2022

Identify two competing brands that reach the same target market but use different execution styles to deliver the same message to the target audience but in different ways. Why do you think they chose these strategies?

:Apple and Samsung are two competing brands in the smart phones segment, and target high-end customers but use different execution styles to deliver the same message and target their audience in different ways.

Apple has their flagship stores located globally where the customer can get all the information regarding their products and services. Apple earns from its brand value and first movers advantage through their innovations. It reaches its customers directly and on its own, and uses its own proprietary OS (iOS) to ensure customer loyalty.

Samsung on the other hand is generally AppleĀ’s follower in product innovation and earns on good quality and technology. Samsung uses single brand flagship stores and presence in multi-brand stores to ensure better accessibility to the consumers than Apple. Samsung, unlike Apple uses open source android as their OS platform, to ensure mass reach and acceptability.What elements of a smart goal is necessary to start a career in the hotel industry?

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