What Are The Two Legally Recognized Exceptions To The Informed Consent Requirement

Thursday July 28, 2022

What are the two legally recognized exceptions to the informed consent requirement? (p. 123) 18. Identify and discuss the significance of three points under #4 of the President’s Commission’s Report, “The Values Underlying Informed Consent” meant to limit the temptation to paternalism inherent in determining competence. (p. 123) Multiculturalism 19. Should the practice of informed consent be modified for the sake of multiculturalism? What is Macklio.’s position? How does she support it? (pp. 134-137) 20. Should family members ever be permitted to override a competent patient’s wishes on the basis of religious beliefs or customs in the patient’s culture? What is Marklios position? How does she support it? (p. 135) 21. Should harmful practices, e.g., female genital mutilation, Santeria, and the Mein buming treatment be permitted to continue in the name of multiculturalism? What is Macklio s position? How does she support it?

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