What Are The Primary Legal Issues By Providers Today And What Is The Role Of Regulation

Sunday July 24, 2022

What are the primary legal issues by providers today and what is the role of regulation.Demand forecasting is the primary data for decision making in any organization. We have learned that this data has some significant consequences on organizational performance. Select any product of any company of your choice. Based on your product selection, answer the following questions with justifications. a) What will happen if the organization conducted a demand forecasting but did not consider various relevant market factors? (Assuming there is a severe issue of forecasting accuracy) (Marks 02) b) What will happen if the organization is confident that it can predict demand with 100% accuracy? (Assume it is true) (Marks 02) Answer format: It is preferred that your answers are in a bullet style with having specific and relevant heading for each bullet point. Length of the answer: Between 150 and 200 words (each part) Marks distribution of the question is as follows: Originality. Comprehensiveness & Clarity of explanation: 50% Reasoning/ Rationality/ Logic: 50%

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