Violence in the Media and Entertainment

Wednesday July 13, 2022

When it comes to the topic of violent media, some folks would readily agree it is a controversial subject as to whether kids should or shouldn’t be exposed to it. Nowadays, violent media subjects usually are used as “an attention-grabbing tool” since invasive behaviors such as fighting and hitting, which are able to bring about the excitement to individuals. Many individuals believe that “violence was wrong, and corporation was always better than conflict” (Para. 1), however, Gerard Jones who is the author of the essay “Violent Media Is Good for Kids” disputes against the stereotypes about violence from the public and argues that violent media contents are beneficial for youngsters and the future development of them. He declares that the superheroes character “caught him and freed him” and “pulled him away from passivity and loneliness” (Para. 1). The perception of superheroes in today’s society inescapably force kids and teenagers to be indoctrinated to justifiable violent behaviors as good guys must save the world by fighting against the bad guys. I am not able to be convinced by Jones’ inadequate evidences can prove that disclosing violent substances to kids are good for them, even though he tries really hard to use personal experiences and sympathetic tones in order to persuade his audiences to agree with him at the beginning of his article. In this article, Gerard Jones illustrates that emotional appeal is a decent tool to impress audiences to agree with his point of view in which learning about violent behaviors are indispensable for kids’ future development. He begins with explaining that the perception of the popular culture “were good for me because they were juvenile and violent” (Para. 2). Based on the displeasing personal experience that he has, when Jones was a teenager, he tries to make his audiences to feel sympathetic about his circumstance, Jones describes the importance of superheroes’ positive influence as he puts himself into the same situation as Hulk by saying “the character who caught me and freed me, was the Hulk: over gendered and under socialized, half-naked and half-witted, raging against a frightened world that misunderstood and persecuted him” (Para. 3). Jones demonstrates that kids and teenagers who might not be socially capable and active will be looked at differently by others. ” A frightening world that misunderstood and persecuted him” presents a picture of the judgment and expectations put on youngsters unfairly.

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