Video Presentation Assignment

Friday July 15, 2022

Video Presentation Assignment

March 1, 2017

Now that you are a couple years from graduation, you need to start thinking about your career and what type of job you want to have when you are finished with school.  We want you to identify the job you would like to attain after graduation.  We recognize that this may change between now and that time but we would like you best prediction at this time.


The reason why we want you to think about this now is that you need to start improving the skills you will need to perform this job. You also must look for opportunities to display these skills while you are still in school so they can be presented on your resume.  Displaying the necessary skills to perform a job will increase your attractiveness to potential employers.


To determine the skills you will need for the job in which you are interested, you need to do some research.  This research could include talking to someone who currently holds a similar position.  Another resource is ONET.  ONET is an online source that provides job descriptions for a variety of jobs.  The job descriptions will contain, education requirements as well as knowledge, skills and abilities required for the particular jobs.  You could also perform a general on-line search.  You should use at least two sources for this information


For your presentation you should give a 3-4 minute video speech that should include the following:


  1. A brief introduction – who you are and your short-term and long-term career aspirations.


  1. State the specific job you are interested in obtaining after graduation, included in this is would be the reason why you are interested in the job and what you think the outlook for the job is (for example, you wouldn’t want to choose to become a manager for a video cassette rental company).


  1. State the three main skills that are needed to perform this job successfully. The focus should be on behavioral skills (e.g., oral communication skills, teamwork skills, etc.) and not education (e.g., a bachelor’s in marketing) or knowledge requirements (e.g., SQL server, advanced Excel, etc.).


  1. State specifically how you determined these were the three most important skills. That is, what were your sources for this information and how did you obtain them?


  1. A brief conclusion.


Besides content and presentation skills (see rubric for dimensions) your presentation will be evaluated on the quality of the video as well.  A couple of points to note, failure to follow these requirements will result in a loss of points.


  • Sound quality will be evaluated. We need to be able to hear you.Also, there should be no background noise that creates a distraction.
  • Lighting will also be evaluated. The image cannot be too dark or light.We need to see you and your facial expressions or body movements.
  • The camera angle matters, it should not be too high or too low.
  • You need to shoot the video so that we can see you from the waist up.
  • There should be no noticeable edits in the video. Ideally it should be one continuous video.
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