V: PROPOSAL, PROPOSAL MEETING AND IRB APPROVAL Purpose and Development of Proposal

Sunday July 17, 2022

V: PROPOSAL, PROPOSAL MEETING AND IRB APPROVAL Purpose and Development of Proposal

March 4, 2017


The SL/CE proposal is a requirement of all students and should serve as a framework for all
aspects of the proposed project. Prior to writing the proposal, the student should discuss with
the committee to identify realistic goals, beneficial service learning activities, appropriate
methodology, etc. It is likely that multiple meetings between the SL/CE Committee Chair and the
student will be necessary to shape the SL/CE project idea and subsequent proposal. The use of
an outline, which can grow into a draft of the proposal, may be helpful as the project is evolving.
The student should seek advice from the committee and invest adequate time to prepare the
proposal, especially because the proposal will serve as a draft to some sections of the final
paper. The proposal should serve as a guide to the student as s/he implements the proposed
service learning or research activities throughout the project. The expected length of the
proposal is at least 10-15 double-spaced pages

Detailed Instructions: For the SL/CE Proposal:

1. The student should develop two tables; one for core/cross-cutting and one for concentration
competencies (see templates).
2. The student should work with their Committee members to identify;
– 1) the specific core and concentration competencies that will be strengthened through
the project, and
– 2) the specific activity(ies)/application related to the specific competency that will be
strengthened. In total, the student should identify 7-10 competencies, with only 2-3
core/cross-cutting competencies and 5-7 concentration competencies. Students should
copy/insert additional rows in each of the tables to include the appropriate number of
– The list of Core and Concentration Competencies may be found here:
3. The student should submit the completed competency tables, as a separate document, with
the proposal to the committee.

Appendix A: Required Proposal Framework
Project Title: Title should be descriptive, concise and meaningful

Student and Committee Information:
Name, Concentration
Chair, Credentials
Faculty, Credentials
Preceptor, Credentials

Placement Site:

Name of the Organization
Briefly describe the aim (mission) of the organization
Describe service learning activities to be performed: what, where, when, how long, etc.

Briefly state the goals, objectives, methods, and impact of the project.

Introduction (may vary within section)
Problem Statement
Identify the problem that will be addressed during the Service Learning/Capstone
Importance of Proposed Project
Include historical significance and relevance of the project to public health, including the
background information, gaps in knowledge.
Literature Review
In-depth examination of the literature available relating to your topic

Goals and Objectives
Define the goals, objectives, service learning and research activities, and timeline necessary to
accomplish the proposed Service Learning/Capstone Experience.

Example Goal/Objective Format:
1. Goal
a. Objective #1
i. Activity #1
ii. Activity #2
b. Objective #2
i. Activity #3
ii. Activity #4

Research Methods (may vary within section)
Outline how problem will be addressed which may include:
● A defined research question
● Application of theories/theoretical models
● Study Design
● Study Population/study sample
● Sample size, power to answer the research question, if appropriate
● Data source(s)
● Data collection methods
● Statistical and/or analytical methods
● Limitations
● Policy analysis, interventions and program development recommendations as

Administrative Resources

Identify any expected resources necessary to accomplish the proposed Service
Learning/Capstone Experience. This should include: equipment (computer, copier, etc), physical
facilities (office, library, laboratory, etc.), supplies (software, paper, poster board, etc), travel,
copying, and dissemination.

Identify any ethics issues that may be raised by the proposed Service Learning/Capstone
Experience, addressing issues such as privacy, reliability, safety, conflict of interest and
confidentiality. Discuss the implications of the identified ethics issues for Institutional Review
Board (IRB) approval.

Application of Public Health Competencies

*Submit as a separate document from proposal Identify the core and concentration
competencies that you will apply to address the needs of the organization and the proposed
activities that will allow you to apply them.

The competency identification should be completed in consultation with the SL/CE Chair and
Committee, using the template (see Form I-Committee Evaluation). The competencies should
be submitted with the proposal for review. These selected competencies will be evaluated in
conjunction with the final paper.

See ‘Form I-Committee Evaluation-Part 2’ in the appendix for instructions and template. MPH
Core and Concentration competencies can be found here:

Formatting Requirements:
Double-spaced, one-inch margins, 11 or 12 point font, use subheadings APA style is
recommended, but a style typical for the discipline is acceptable. Figures must include a key
and all tables/figures must be discussed in the paper text. Spell out acronyms when first
mentioned, but use sparingly. If the paper necessarily contains a significant number of
acronyms, provide a glossary. Be sure to use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling in all
written work.

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