Utopias of Harley

Saturday July 16, 2022

Utopias of Harley

March 20, 2017

Could the dystopia of L. H. Hartley be made into a utopia, and should it be? (I.e., eliminate discrimination based on appearance.) Which of the utopias of Hartley (revised), Callenbach, Forrest, or Thomas would you rather live in? (None of the above is not an option.) Explain why. Do you know anyone who would prefer a different one? If so, explain why; if not, imagine someone who would prefer a different one, and explain why. Could Callenbach, Forrest, and Thomas be improved in any specific way? What would the objections to your changes be?
Provide detailed evaluations of why you think your preferred utopia is better than the others and why the other person thinks theirs is better, and what is wrong with the other utopias for both of you.




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Category: Philosophy

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