Topic 5: Hospitality Industry

Tuesday July 26, 2022

Topic 5: Hospitality Industry

January 15, 2017

Week Five Journal Prompt

Go to the Google Home page www. Google .com

On the lower left of the homepage you will see a link for advertising, click

Scroll down the page until you see a yellow framed ad that says Kids Bunk Beds with the link Search Ads below it click Search Ads

Next Scroll all the way down page near the bottom where you will see a red background ad for Manitobah Mukluks below that you will see a link for See All Ads, click there.

You will now see a group of short videos listed below, please view the one on Manitobah Mukluks and the one for Grubhub.

In your journal, explain how both operations could be affected by good or bad quality service.

*Use Three academic sources please!

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