To what degree does Plato’s Republic represent an ideal society

Thursday July 7, 2022

To what degree does Plato’s Republic represent an ideal society

March 2, 2017

Questions to consider: What are its strengths and weaknesses, and how should we weigh those against one another? Does the work describe a sort of Fascist society, or does Plato provide sufficient measures to prevent the abuse of power? What are the implicit values that inform how Plato structures his Kallipolis? Finally, how do those values/assumptions contrast or harmonize with your own and/or those of contemporary America?


Begin with an introduction in which you briefly (3-4 sentences) describe, in incisive detail, Plato’s Kallipolis. What are its major features – those most worthy of note. Transition into a thesis statement in which you clearly and concisely indicate your stance on the above prompt. As always, your answer needn’t be absolute. There is plenty of room for nuance here.

The body of your essay will consist of several unified pieces of support for you thesis. Each developmental section should begin with a clear assertion about a distinct point that you are making about the text. Be sure to include sufficient quotation and paraphrase from the text to demonstrate your claims. Use the questions to consider above to help you engage with the text, but do not feel constrained by them.

End with a conclusion that concisely summarizes your argument and provides a “so what” statement. Why does this analysis matter?


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