Theories of Social Justice

Friday July 8, 2022

Theories of Social Justice

March 27, 2017

Please note that all papers assigned for this course are expected to be primarily based on the readings and to contain information about the ethical-environmental theories and perspectives to be found in those readings. Purely or primarily empirical papers – especially those written for other classes on environmental topics – are not acceptable substitutes and will not be accepted. You are welcome to bring in empirical theories and information and analyses but you are required to bring in the ethical-environmental theories and perspectives discussed in this course as well. As evidence that you are basing your paper at least in part on the readings and discussions of this course – and as a prophylactic against the possibility that someone could submit a “bought” paper – it is a requirement that you incorporate relevant (and relatively short) quotations from our readings into your papers. However, you should avoid excessively long quotations or having a great many quotations, neither of which are necessary or acceptable. As a ball park figure let us say that, on the average, a paper ought to have about one such quote per page (or at the most two).
For your information it is not a good idea to hand in a paper that was written by someone else for this course in the past. I have kept an extensive record of good papers written for this course and starting last year all the papers for the course are being fed into Stanford University’s extensive electronic archives of written papers. So if someone were to submit a paper that even included a paragraph from another paper (not counting direct quotes from authors), the Stanford search engine would find it. If anyone submits a plagerized paper they will be receive a MINUS 100 points score on it and will also be turned in to the College of Arts & Sciences for prosecution for violating the Academic Integrity Code (which can result in suspension or expulsion in addition to a permanent notation on your USD transcript that you were convicted of violating its Academic Integrity Policy. The moral is: do your own work and you won’t have any problems.
Your papers can be longer than the maximum length listed (within reasonable limits) but they can not fall significantly below the minimum length without having points taken off for this.
Citations of quotations from our readings need only have the author, work, and page number put in parentheses at the end of the sentence(s) being quoted. If you quote outside sources – which is permissible but not required – you must give a complete citation; i.e. the author, work, publisher, city of publisher, publication date, and page number(s).

That was in the syllabus, this teacher does not know how to do his job but he has written a lot of books and has words with John Rawls when it comes to social justice. He just plagues our blackboard with tons of short essays he’s written and he’s away of this service. He said we need to include his theories and quotes from him. I can provide that information. This is a once a week, 3 hour class, and he does not lecture. No, he just rambles on about non-sense so I have no idea even how to write this paper.

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