The Principle Of Uniformity

Thursday July 28, 2022

What is the principle of uniformity? What are the underlying assumptions of this principle? 2. What does the presence of folded sedimentary rock layers mean about the geologic history of an area? 3. Describe the conditions that would lead to faulting as opposed to folding of rock layers. 4. How would plate tectonics explain the occurrence of normal faulting? 5. What is an earthquake? What produces an earthquake? 6. Where would the theory of plate tectonics predict that earthquakes would occur? 7. Describe how the location of an earthquake is identified by a seismic recording station 8. Describe any possible relationship between volcanic activity and changes in weather. 9. What is the source of magma that forms volcanoes? Explain how the magma is generated. 10. What are mountains? Why do they tend to form in long, thin belts?

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