The Odyssey

Sunday July 24, 2022

The Odyssey

February 17, 2017

Select one scholarly article that deals with the topic that you are interested in while reading The
Odyssey. In your paper, you will identify and explain the argument that the critic is making, and
then will provide your own argument about that argument. In other words, you will take a
reasoned position on a claim made in the article, explaining why you agree or disagree with the
critic. The goal of this project is for you to understand an ongoing scholarly debate about the
literary work and a professional critical writing. While evaluating the highly qualified writer’s
article, you will show “your” point of view of the literary work.
• In re-proving or disproving claims/arguments of the selected article, you will support your own
claims/arguments about them by analyzing your primary text, The Odyssey.
• The selected article must be scholarly and published in an academic journal. A book chapter can
be used.
• While you should include a summary of the article, the summary should not dominate your paper.
• When you take a position in whether you agree or disagree with the article, you should explain in
detail why you think the article is effective or ineffective, and provide evidence from the primary
text. For example, if you disagree with the critic, you will need to provide examples from the
primary text that the critic either ignored or misinterpreted.
• Your paper should have a works cited page.

MLA guidelines for heading, margins,
pagination, internal documentation, and works cited.

use to find articles

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