The Neural Mechanisms Of Respiratory Control

Thursday July 7, 2022

Inward pressures that inhibit filtration include: 1. hydrostatic pressure in the glomerular capillaries 2. hydrostatic pressure in the capsular space 3. colloid osmotic pressure in the capsular space 4. colloid osmotic pressure in the glomerular capillaries O a 1 and 2 O b. 2 and 3 O c. 2 and 4 O d. 1 and 4 17. In the plasma, the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide is about: O a. 20% O?.7- 10% O c. 70% O d. all of the above choices are incorrect QUESTION 20 31. The gas exchange surface area of the alveoli in the lungs in a healthy adult male is about 40 times greater than the surface area of his skin O True O False 4. Select the correct statement about the neural mechanisms of respiratory control. O a. The pontine center is important in the smooth transition from inspiration to expiration and vice versa O b. The dorsal respiratory group neurons depolarize in a rhythmic way to establish the pattern of breathing O c. The ventral respiratory group is contained within the pons O d. All of the above statements are correct

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