The life and downfall of OJ Simpson

Thursday July 28, 2022

The life and downfall of OJ Simpson

March 8, 2017

For this assignment you will find two academic articles (not websites) that both address a potential research topic for your final paper.  They should be two sources on the same topic or in some way related.  You should describe what the articles say, analyze their arguments and theses, and tie them together in a way that points to a potential thesis statement of your own.  In other words, what do these two articles have in common?  How do they show different aspects of a similar topic?  How perhaps do these two articles contradict each other or make varying claims?  What conclusions, even if tentative, can you draw from having read these?

You must choose your articles from the JSTOR database. (Go to the library’s website; choose databases, then JSTOR.) They can be on any topic you choose, as long as they are on the same or similar topics.  Contact me if you are having trouble finding articles or coming up with a topic.

Use Chicago style citations (footnotes):

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