The Decline of Detroit

Sunday July 31, 2022

The Decline of Detroit

April 1, 2017


Detroit: A Lost City

Essay 2 will be our first attempt to write a college essay. It combines many of the skills we’ve been working on. The topic for this essay is the decline of the Detroit. Since the 1970’s Detroit has undergone a rapid urban decay, bankruptcy, and 2/3 of its population. Today, there is a growing movement to save Detroit through rebuilding, business development, investment, and using the one asset it has: cheap real estate and a being close to roads, waterways and train tracks for shipping.

Watch the videos and read the articles. Learn what you can about Detroit before attempting to write this essay.

Include the following;

Passages from the articles we will be reading that will inform your discussion while using proper MLA formatting.

Your ideas and connections between the texts are very important. Be sure to include these in your essays.

Each essay should have an introduction, 2 to 4 body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion.

Things to Shoot for:

Show you have read the texts from this unit and considered the perspectives provided.

Write so someone who is not in our class can still understand the topic.

Write 700 to 1000 words BUT I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

Prompts: Choose one

What are the causes of Detroit’s descent into decay and bankruptcy from a wealthy, vital city? Give three to four reasons based on the articles and, if possible, your experience. Take a strong stance and be sure to use passages from the readings and then explain their connection to the fall of Detroit.
Should the Detroit Institute of Art sell its art collection to raise money for the city? This collection symbolizes a prosperous and gilded past for Detroit but should it be sold to finance the future? Or, should the future be a clean slate? Using examples from the readings, discuss what you believe is the right decision for the future and the people of Detroit. Explain your reasons.
Can Detroit can be saved? If so, how? If not, why?. Based on the readings and other research, explore why you believe the city of Detroit can arise from the ashes of torched homes and vacant lots to once again be a great and thriving city. Discuss what changes can vastly improve it now and for the future. Use the readings to provide 3 or 4 ways Detroit can be revitalized and transformed.
What is your story about Detroit? There is a national view on Detroit and that is one of a greedy, violent city getting what it deserves. This view ignores the people and their struggles and their joys of living in the city. If you are a Detroit native, or if you have memories of visiting Detroit as a child, I would like you to write about it in an essay. Focus your narrative. Try to tell us a story about life in Detroit and fill it with vivid detail. And, as always, tell the real story. I don’t need any sugarcoating.



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