The Cultural Differences in the Global Business Environment

Wednesday July 6, 2022

As the world gets smaller and everyone gets closer through globalization, more and more people get to know first hand about the concept of cultural differences. We are able to know what other people from other countries are like, how they live and how they do things. This is evident in all aspects of globalization, including that of the global business world. In the global business environment, the cultural differences play a big role, as it can make or break a company or firm, either strengthening or destroying it, depending on how the concept is handled. For me, this topic is an eye opener, because it makes you realize that this world is composed of a lot of people with different lives and practices, which is then applied to business. No country is alone, that’s why they shouldn’t act alone when it comes to business. They should always consider their every action in a multicultural level (Quappe and Cantatore). One business may not just focus on a single culture alone, as the trend out there in the market has been a free for all. Businesses cannot cater the needs of other people if they wouldn’t be sensitive about other culture and about cultural differences. For me, it is everyone’s responsibility to deal with these matters for the sake of a better business environment (Transcultural Careers). The people tasked to adjust with this concern on the national level are the politicians and the business leaders. They are the ones who can make the business environment a suitable place for people who bear different cultures. Because the United States is a wide country, some overlook the matter and just let States handle these concerns. However, because of our openness when it comes to different cultures inside the country, cultural concerns such as these in the business are not regarded with much difficulty (WorldBusinessCulture. com). More and more people are open to other cultures, and this is also evident in their reaction when it comes to business. But not everything turns out right however. There are those who are affected by these matters, and this is more on the small scale business. Because of the lack of funding, these small scale investors aren’t able to cope with cultural issues and differences (Quappe and Cantatore). A small shop owned by an Asian friend of mine only has a few customers because not all people can make good use of what they are selling. It came to a point that they decided to turn the place into a mini mart in so that they could cater to the needs of other people. We should all accept the inevitability of the cultural differences in the global business environment. Because of the innovations and new technology we are experiencing, the more we are getting close to a lot of other cultures, that’s why adapting to these changes should start in our selves

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