The assignment is go to the following website and study

Tuesday July 26, 2022

The assignment is go to the following website and study the materials there regarding our guest speaker Elizabeth Farnsworth and her film The Judge and the General. 1: After watched these videos use these information to take notes. ( 700 words)Assignment 2: After watched these videos answer three questions:How did the idea and the title of the documentary film generalized as THE JUDGE AND THE GENERAL and what significance point in the life of general specified the subject of the film?What was the significant reason behind the Guzman to stay unaffected with the situation of Chile form a long period and when you met Guzman what qualities of him drove you to make him a protagonist?Does the movie represent the violence of Human rights in Chile and what is the present condition of Chile? Does the making and showcasing of the movie represent any awakening in the minds and thoughts of people?

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