Thank you Let us consider you are a student entering a p

Friday July 22, 2022

Thank you
Let us consider you are a student entering a particular Business School with a high school degree or equivalent and after 3 years into your program of study you graduate with a quality Bachelor in business administration. The organization is University XYZ the services provided are quality education. There are few processes involved as you proceed along the pipeline from the sophomore year all the way until the end of the senior year where you get the quality Bachelor degree. These processes are:
Basic sophomore year courses (11%)
Intermediate junior year courses (15%)
Specialized Senior year courses (20%)
Senior final project (9%)
Business laboratory work (8%)
Library and literature reviews (6%)
Sports and social activities (5%)
Clubs and fraternities (5%)
Summer business training (7%)
Seminars conferences and workshops (6%)
University guidance services (4%)
Department advising services (4%)
The value chain is constructed since 4 experts has been asked and we did the statistics.
But the question here is: Give your own perception of how each activity contribute to the total value (100%)

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