Teaching ESL Writing

Friday July 22, 2022

Teaching ESL Writing

April 15, 2017

Teaching ESL Writing
To give you an ansight about this course history, it is a (Teaching ESL Writing) course. Answer the following questions by writing 2-3 paragraphs double spaced in one page for each question. Let me know if you need further guidance. Thanks.

1. It is important to critically reflect on one’s learning past in order to adapt the best and diverge from the rest in controlled and justified ways. Think about it. What was your experience as a writing student?

2. To what extent do you feel the following emphases in L2 writing instruction are compatible or incompatible: (a) focus on form, (b) focus on the writer, (c) focus on content, and (d) focus on the reader? Which of these foci might be seen as complementary? Explain and justify your point of view by referring to your own experience as a writer and/or teacher of writing.

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