Synopsis Assignment

Tuesday July 12, 2022

Synopsis Assignment

March 2, 2017

Synopsis: turn in a synopsis of the journal article assigned, including a brief introduction of the topic being investigated, a description of the major experiments, and a conclusion about the relevance and importance of the work.

Article: Title :Zika Virus Targets Different Primary Human Placental Cells, Suggesting Two Routes for Vertical      Transmission

Authors:   Takako Tabata, et. al.

Journal:    Cell Host & Microbe.  20, 155-166.  August 10, 2016.

Paper details:


Formatting:  Typed, double spaced.  Please follow the formatting guidelines for MLA style formatting  – Please visit this website for help    Briefly:  1 inch      margin on all sides, 12 pt font, Name and page number in upper right of all pages; Name, professor,          class, date in upper left of first page


Structure: 1) Introduction.  Provide an introductory paragraph(s) giving background of the virus/proteins/etc, outlining the questions addressed in the journal article and why this line of experimentation is important, what lead the researchers to this topic and why are they doing this project. Include a discussion about Axl.   2) Synopsis of data.  Please provide a description of the important experiments performed and the results. Also include a critical analysis of the experiments that you are discussing, describing what the result of the experiment means.  3) Conclusions.  Describe what the experiments mean on a broader scale, and what the importance of the work is.  Please also look at what other research has been done on Axl/Zika and include that in your conclusions. Also include what you personally think of the data, and give some suggestions of where this line of investigation should go next.


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