Summary on Theme Poverty at Book “Evicted” (Book Review Sample)

Thursday July 21, 2022

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Book Review “Evicted”
Summary on Theme Poverty
In the book “Evicted,” the author explains poverty in various ways: lack of affordable and stable housing facilities, leading people, and keeping them in poverty. Desmond elaborates more on poverty as a central theme and its profit to America. The book explains poverty as a condition that can also occur due to racial discrimination, and the author maintains the characters from any movement to a safe and higher neighborhood. The nearby areas are not very expensive, but they require an individual to have no criminal records or eviction cases, while most people rarely have. The book claims that eviction is the leading cause of poverty (Desmond p.298), but it is not just a condition for the people who live with it. Citizens who have been on the welfares were not supposed to owe more than $2,000 as the bank accounts’ savings. The individuals were supposed to save a maximum of $700 in their accounts or less, but not to exceed. However, the person’s amount on their saving account depended on their case, since about 70 percent of the savings were channeled towards catering for house rent and deposit (Desmond p.230. Therefore, the welfare participants could not have an opportunity to overcome or get out of poverty by any means. Besides, the eviction process costs were high, and it could lead to total and potential loss of people’s possession and their assets. The people could lose their necessities and properties when undergoing removal from their usual dwelling places. After the eviction, it could be challenging to maintain the formal working place due to the challenges that occurred during the relocation process. After the eviction, the individuals could face removal from work after some months, making the poverty more temporary in their lives until it became their state of life.

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