Suicide Among Asian Americans

Friday July 15, 2022

Suicide Among Asian Americans

January 17, 2017

Using the timely data, research and scholarly evidence you discovered in your research or from the group’s shared annotated bibliography, you will provide a written response to the following in a 3-5 page paper. Remember, your paper is the beginning research and outline for your presentation.
Define the health problem
• What is the health problem and why is it important
• Provide a description of the disparities that exist for this health problem (broad to specific)
• who suffers from the disparity and describe this population (you may mention all the populations if there are more than one, but focus on the assigned population)
Discuss explanations offered for the disparity and evidence that supports the explanation
• what are the determinants or casual factors
• what explanations have been offered or supported
• Which 2 concepts (i.e., history of race, determinants of health, theories of health disparities, racism, etc.) have you learned from the course that can help explain the disparity (the group must agree on the 2 concepts)
• Describe the concepts and explain why the concepts will be useful in understand the health disparity
• 3 pages, double-spaced, in a 12 point Arial font (limit does not include the works cited page)
• a minimum of 10 references, no more than 3 of the required 10 can be internet references to professional sources, and at least 7 must be from 2005 to present
• Consistently use APA for citations and the works cited section at the end of the paper. Any material where an author’s words are used verbatim should be enclosed in quotation marks and the appropriate reference cited. Cite any ideas that are taken from the works of others (books, periodicals, etc.) by using appropriate references in the APA Style.
• Use TurnItIn for submission. It is valuable to review your submission results to see what may be overly cited, how you may have plagiarized, etc.

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