Styandpoint Theory Essay

Thursday July 21, 2022

Styandpoint Theory Essay

March 8, 2017

How is the social location of Victor, Lauren, David Lee, Roberto, Yutaka and Hugh different from the social location of Gordon and David Christenson?
How are these men’s situated knowledge different?
How does the article about Ethnic Groups in the United States illuminate the perspectives of the men of color in the video?
Johnson spends most of his first two chapters discussing the what and the why.

How would Johnson’s theory of privilege, power and difference describe and explain the discussion between the men in the video?
How might Standpoint Theory help you understand the experiences the men of color discuss in the video?
How does the article  How Nice People Are Corrupted by David Meyers explain  1) “why we just can’t get along” and  2) why people of privilege might behave the way they do towards those who are oppressed.
Refer to SPECIFIC information from the readings and videos to support, illustrate and supplement your answer. Please cite—in FOOTNOTE format—at least four specific “ideas” from threaded discussions [posted by your colleagues], four from the video The Color of Fear and two each from each of the following:  Jesus in A Culture of Fear, Nickel and Dimed and Hotel Rwanda.

The final version of your essay should be 6-8 pages double-spaced.  Please do not submit a title page or submit the essay in a folder.  All you need is to have your name, the assignment and the date in the upper right-hand corner of your essay.  While you do not need to include a bibliography, references or endnotes, please use FOOTNOTES.  If you need assistance with doing footnotes, please contact the instructor for assistance.


How course materials describe behavior of those with privilege who oppress others: 10 points

Social location and situated knowledge discussion: 20 points

Two ideas each from Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear, Nickel and Dimed, The Color of Fear and Hotel Rwanda and references from class material to back it up (Threaded Discussions and Videos): 40 points

Analysis utilizing ‘How Nice People Are Corrupted’: 10 Points

Clear introduction, thesis, body and conclusion; a basic understanding of grammar and mechanics: 10 points

Cite all sources and have a proper reference.  APA format is used correctly, paper is double spaced with one inch margins and is no less than and no more than 8 pages (not including title or reference page): 10 points

An original, creative or unusual approach to the topic: 2 to 6 extra credit possible points

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