Research paper

Friday July 15, 2022

Research paper

February 22, 2017

Students will submit a 3000 word management report on an individual piece of research on the Management of Innovation & Technology Transfer themes relevant to an organisation of their choice and show how recommendations for improvement and change could be implemented (See section ‘individual assignment’). Students will submit an outline proposal of 300-400 words by week 3 of the module programme and formative feedback will be given to guide the students in line with the module aims. (The assessment for this module assess all learning outcomes)
Late submission will lead to a fail mark if not supported by an adequate plea for mitigation prior to the submission date.
Assessment 001
The assessment has been specifically designed to accommodate the students varying commercial knowledge and understanding of module content. Hence:
Students will be required to conduct either a:-
1. Research a business related theme from the module scheme of work and produce an individual academic report.

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