Relationship of Mutual Affection Between People

Saturday July 9, 2022

What Makes a Good Friend? Friendships are vital to a person’s life. Although, people have quality requirements that they look for in the “perfect” friend. There really isn’t the one “perfect” friend out there that everyone is looking for. They come in all shapes and sizes and each and everyone of them have a different personality with their own faults and imperfections. They are people we associate to having a good time with and, or being sad with. But what makes a true good friend? Qualities that make a good friend are loyalty, trust, and reliability. A quality that makes a good friend is their degree of loyalty to you. A loyal friend will want to be around you. They will make an effort to be with you, and calls you to say hello when you can’t be together. For instance, if your friend is meeting other people at the movie theater, they will call and invite you to go along as well. If you go away for a vacation, your friend will tell you how much they are excited for you to return home. A loyal friend will pull their own weight in your relationship. Leaving everything up to one person in a friendship isn’t fair. They will help you plan times when you will get together, or events so other people can join as well. They will contribute to sharing phone calls between the two of you, instead of making you do all the calling. Another attribute that makes a friend loyal is a possible understanding of an event you have gone through. Having a friend that relates to events in your life is very comforting because they know how you feel or had felt. For example, if you lost a grandparent that was very close to you and your friend did as well, they can relate to your feelings which will make them feel more attached and loyal to you, and you to them. Another quality found in a good friend is their reliability. A trait of a reliable friend is how honest they are with you. If they are completely honest with you, then you can count on them in the future. H

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