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Monday July 18, 2022

Question 1TrueFalse2 pointsQuestion 2TrueFalse2 pointsQuestion 3TrueFalse2 pointsQuestion 4TrueFalse2 pointsQuestion 5TrueFalse2 pointsQuestion 6TrueFalse2 pointsQuestion 7TrueFalse2 pointsQuestion 81001201501752 pointsQuestion 9variablesparametersequationsall of the above2 pointsQuestion 10166.672002505002 pointsQuestion 11The indicator that results in total revenues being equal to total cost is called themarginal costmarginal volumebreak-even pointprofit mix2 pointsQuestion 12012None of the above2 pointsQuestion 13012None of the above2 pointsQuestion 14Answertime between trials is constantalways has the same probability of occurringresult of the first trial influence the next trialtrials are continuous2 pointsQuestion 152 pointsQuestion 162 pointsQuestion 17A production process requires a fixed cost of $50000. The variable cost per unit is $25 and the revenue per unit is projected to be $45. Find the break-even point.2 pointsQuestion 182 pointsQuestion 192 pointsQuestion 20Male (M)Female (F)JobAdministrative (AD) 110 10Salaried staff (SS) 30 50Hourly staff (HS) 60 40
If an employee is selected at random what is the probability that the employee is female or works as a member of the administration?

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