Public Transportation Planning and Policy

Monday July 18, 2022

Public Transportation Planning and Policy

March 20, 2017

Write a short paragraph (4-5 sentences) on key terms discussed during the quarter (with a focus of the terms  listed below). To get full credit you must:
1) give a short, 1-2 sentence definition of the term, and
2) explain why this term is significant in the context of the class.

1- User Based Fees
2- Transportation Finance Equity (types of      equity) Market, Opportunity, Outcome
3- Commuter Rail
4-User Fees
5-Local Option Taxes
6-Congestion Pricing
7-Toll Revenue
8-FTA new start program criteria for transit
9-Federal/State and Local Fund Types
10-Public Transportation
11-Transit Decline Why?
12-How is Transit measured
13-Fixed Route service, DAR. Paratransit
14-Goods movement impact to SoCal
16-Air Freight
17-Long Range Transit Plan
18-Unmet Transit Needs Hearing
19-The importance of transit
20-Types of transit system ie Bus, LRT, Subway etc.  description, requirements)
21- Aerotropolis
22- Bike Facilities (Class I,II,III)
23- Farebox Recovery Ratio
24- Equity in Transportation Finance
25- Expenditure Effect
26- Transportation Effect
27-Reasons affecting student travel
28-Why is goods movement important
29-MCGMAP Tech Memo Summary
30-Just-in-time Delivery
31-Freight Rail
32- Successful Non motorized system
33-Safe Routes to School
34-Traffic Calming techniques
35-Managing Auto How? and strategies
36-Rule and market based policies
37-Guest speaker presentations
39-Container Fee
40- New Economy





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