Protein Activated By The Ca2+-calmodulin Complex During Smooth Muscle Contraction

Wednesday July 13, 2022

Robert was home for December break and his Mom was making his favourite – hot apple pie. He had been looking forward to it since when he left for school in September but something was wrong. Which of the following would NOT be an explanation of why Robert’s experience eating the pie was different than he expected? a) Robert ate a piece of pie as soon as it came out of the oven and his pain receptors were activated. b) Robert had a bad head cold and odorants from the pie could not activate his Golf receptors. c) Robert’s taste receptors had adapted from constant exposure to the tastants in the pie. d) His mother had added extra cinnamon and the population coding of his taste receptors produced a different taste sensation e) His mother had used a different type of apples and touch receptors in his mouth were responding differently. Which protein is activated by the Ca2+-calmodulin complex during smooth muscle contraction? a) myosin light chain phosphatase (MLCP) Ob) Ca2+ ATPase O c) tropomyosin d) myosin light chain kinase (MLCK)

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