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December 5, 2016

Policy Review

Public policies set the framework for governance throughout the world. Understanding the impact and consequences of these policies is an important part of understanding public administration. As we will read and discuss in Pal’s book, “policy analysis is a process of multidisciplinary inquiry designed to create, critically assess, and communicate information that is useful in understanding and improving policies” (Dunne, 2008, p. 1 as quoted in Pal, 2013, p. 15). The purpose of the policy review is to analyze a federal, state, or local policy that is currently in action.

Policy review will be presented in class using Prezi (, and should be about 10 minutes with five minutes for questions and answers.

Your analysis should address, but is not limited to, the following questions. Use them as guidelines to the content of your project.

1. Introduction to the policy and what problem is it trying to solve. Additionally, you need to discuss the methodology you will use to develop this analysis.
2. Detailed description of the policy. This includes:
• What are the specific policy goals?
• Which level of government developed the policy? Which level is implementing the solution? Are these two different? If so, why?
• Major stakeholders involved. What was the initial intent of the policy? Who is expected to benefit from the policy?
• Is there another group that is actually impacted (positively or negatively?) by the policy? Who (person, agency, organization?) worked to get the policy put into place and why? Who developed the policy?
• Are there any international actors or influences in the development of this policy?
• Are there any possible international impacts from this policy?
3. Discussion of the policy implementation.
• What are the instruments being used?
• Who is implementing the policy?
• What is the role of bureaucracy?
• What are the costs to implement this program? How many people are served?
4. Results of the policy
• How effective has the policy been?
• What are the limitations to the policy? Are the limitations greater than the successes or vice versa?
• What would be better direction for the policy? What corrections would you suggest be made to make the policy more effective?
5. Conclusions

My topic about the War on Drugs policy.

write every point in separate slide, maker sur to be everything clear, short and easy to present.

I attached the paper and the Critical Review of Policy Analysis make sure to review it.

Also I want you to answer this following questions in the presentation:
• Has is it been any type of awareness to reduce the usage of drugs? If so, what type of awareness or tools had been used?
• On page 4, there is a statement that reads: “The war on drugs policy has so far demonstrated remarkable transformations in achieving its objectives.” Can you provide an example of a remarkable transformation in achieving these objectives?
– Your analysis concludes the war on drugs is ineffective. The alternatives offered are: decriminalization, de-penalization and regulated access. Do you believe we are headed in this direction, given the recent propositions passed in California?

– One of the findings in this analysis indicates that the U.S. takes a route of criminal prosecution more frequently in its war on drugs. Why do you think that drug use treatment is not more practiced especially considering it is a less expensive route than incarceration?

write the question and the answer in the slide.

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