Problem #1AB2138333240563758224525463957284934432541275

Sunday July 10, 2022

Problem #1AB21383332405637582245254639572849344325412755A marketing specialist is assessing the effectiveness of two types of formats for TV commercials. Twenty four regular TV watchers are randomly selected and then assigned to watch one of the two formats of a commercial for an imported car. The following data are the scores on a measure for assessing the impact of commercials. For the data above test the appropriate hypothesis using the independent t test and alpha=.05.State the hypothesesSet the criterion for rejecting H0Compute the test statisticInterpret the resultsShow that t^2=F and Tcv^2=FcvProblem #2Please solve the following problem by showing your work.The following shows the impact of three different types of Head Start Program for young children on three randomly selected groups. Analyze if group difference is significant enough using ANOVA. 1st Program2nd Program3rd Program2319284231333618464824293326342634

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