Prepare a report on zara a fashion company

Tuesday July 19, 2022

Prepare a report on zara a fashion company

April 15, 2017

This subject is Logistics Management.
Task Details:

Prepare a 2000 word report on ZARA a fashion company (executive summary, table of contents body, conclusions and recommendations) analysing the issues, and identify logistics management strategies that enable the company to become successful, and/or will be necessary for the company to maintain/improve its success in the future.

Specific points which you need to discuss in your report are:

• Logistics and the Supply Chain
• Globalisation and Trade/ Relationships/ Strategy
• Simulation/ Transport
• Security/ Service Providers
• Procurement/ Inventory
• Warehousing/ Information Flows & Technology

Research Requirements: Use a minimum of 5 academic journal articles, plus the text supporting your identification of problems and proposals / recommendations to resolve the questions. It is requires up to 16 references with a minimum of 10 academic journals.

To be considered relevant, reference sources should be used correctly to support the discussion, analysis and recommendations, so take care to carefully link the case elements and discussion / analysis to correctly referenced logistics concepts and models,

Articles chosen need to be recent (written since at least 2008) and relevant to both the topic and context of the assessment task.

Additional non-academic sources may also be used however students need to show an understanding of their validity.

Sources such as Wiki…,,, etc. are not considered acceptable sources and should not be used – reliance on such sources will result in a fail grade.

Report format – 2000 word Word.doc or Word.docx (word count applies to content only, not title page, executive summary, table of contents and reference list).

Responses should have a title page attached reflecting the content and the author, executive summary, table of contents, introduction, suitable headings and sub-headings to cover the relevant content and elements of analysis, conclusion, recommendations, reference list/bibliography, appendices (if relevant).

Harvard referencing (Anglia version) is to be used.

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