PowerPoint due March 20 at 4pm EasternApplication of cr

Saturday July 23, 2022

PowerPoint due March 20 at 4pm EasternApplication of cross cultural psychology to education (3 slides w/references)Application Through EducationCross-cultural psychology has created an ever expanding and growing footprint regarding its impact in a variety of fields.Cross-cultural psychology has directly impacted the area of education. There are several examples regarding the positive impact that cross-cultural psychology has made within education. Please see attached documents for write up. Also you can use one or two more peer review but make sure to add to reference slide. ReferencesFriedlmeier M. (2010.) Intercultural Education: Opportunities and Limitations. Contributions from Cross-Cultural Psychology. 2010 Vol. 21 Issue 2 p158-160 3pMartin D. (2007.) Cognitive Contours: Recent Work on Cross-Cultural Psychology and Its Relevance for Education. v26 n1 p13-42 Jan 2007. 30 pp.

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