Power and Influence in the Workplace

Tuesday July 26, 2022

Power and Influence in the Workplace

March 22, 2017

Chapter 10 on Text book Organizational Behavior 5th edition: Power and Influence in the Workplace


You are preparing for a meeting as the new supervisor where you work or where you would like to work. The division you are now heading up has just lost a beloved boss: her subordinates admired her transformational leadership style. She was known to be fair and extremely capable as a leader.

What would be your first action(s) as the new leader?
Which form(s) of leadership power (e.g., Referent, Expert, Legitimate) will you initially display to your new subordinates? How will you do so? Be specific.
Which form of leadership power is most influential to motivating you in the workplace? Why? Please address all question in the assignment

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