Please read case study 12.1 on page 296 and participate

Friday July 22, 2022

Please read case study 12.1 on page 296 and participate in the discussion.Page 296: An employee of a zinc refinery was working in a zinc dust condenser when he collapsed. Another employee donned a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and attempted to enter the condenser to rescue the downed employee. He was not able to fit through the portal wearing the SCBA so he removed it handed it to another employee and then entered the condenser. He planned to have the other employee hand the SCBA to him through the portal. Redon it and then continue with the rescue. He collapsed and fell into the condenser before he could Redon the SCBA. The first employee was declared dead at the scene: the would be rescuer died 2 days later. The toxic air contaminant was later determined to be carbon monoxide (OSHA fatality case history). First Question: In this case study what were the key safety issues at hand? What steps could have or should have been followed to prevent these deaths?

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