Organizational Behavior

Sunday July 17, 2022

Organizational Behavior

January 19, 2017

Topics: Please select one of the following broad topic and do research and select a specific topic within the category of your select topic.


  1. Building an ethical corporate culture
  2. Corporate Profits vs Social Responsibility
  3. Corporate Diversity and Inclusion


First Part: Research Outline


I need a researchoutline should be 1 page in length detailing your specific topic (not the general topic listed above), the references that you will use and a summary of what each reference will be used for.


Second Part: Research Paper


The length of the paper is to be 7pages double-spaced (note, that is 7 pages of discussion/arguments – not including the title page, reference list, figures, etc. – plan on writing around 1500 words



-APA format used perfectly current Publication Manual

-Multiple high-quality sources

-Excellent writing structure (intro, supporting points and conclusion)

-Clear and direct analytical path that starts with a well- articulated thesis statement

-Exceptional analysis that evaluates many significant ideas

-Incorporates practical examples

-uses multiple terms/concepts from the class and incorporates them seamlessly




You must use proper APA citations to reference your work. For a paper of this length, you must cite at least 3 academic sources such as peer-reviewed journals or books Your analysis must be based on these 3 (or more) academic sources.  The sources you use must be cited and used throughout your work.




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Category: Organizational Behavior

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