Music and the Nazi Propaganda Machine

Saturday July 30, 2022

Music and the Nazi Propaganda Machine

February 15, 2017

Please choose THREE sub-topics from the list below and write about them:
1. The Nazi propaganda war against modernism in music
2. The Nazi propaganda war against music by Jewish composers (Mahler,
Schoenberg, Kurt Weill, and others, and why their music was no good)
3. The Nazi propaganda war against Bolshevik music
4. Falsifying music history: the use and abuse of music from the past by the Nazis
5. Music in Nazi propaganda films
6. The brainwashing of German youth through music and songs

You are welcome to use any book in the library related to the topic, in addition to articles
on JSTOR and Google Scholar (you’ll have to login through
• Please separate your 3 topics. Do NOT combine them into one essay.
• Submit as an attached PDF (preferred) or Word document. Do NOT submit links to
Google Docs.
• If you are quoting from the textbook, use In-Text Citation (see MLA In-Text Citation

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