Microbial Diseases

Wednesday July 27, 2022

Microbial Diseases

November 24, 2016

Microbiology: An Introduction
by Tortora Funke Case
Twelfth Edition

This “Investigation of Microbial Diseases” will be a multi-week project. You will investigate the diseases identified in chapters 21 – 26 in your eText in the course.
Assignment: Chapters 21-26 in your eText contain valuable information on important microbial diseases associated with the following human body system:
•Skin and Eyes (Ch. 21)
•Nervous System (Ch. 22)
•Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems (Ch. 23)
•Respiratory System (Ch. 24)
•Digestive System (Ch. 25)
• Urinary and Reproductive Systems (Ch. 26)
Read each chapter and then pick one microbial disease from each chapter and write a synopsis of the disease using the following criteria:
•What is the name of the disease? Are there any other names used?
•What areas of the body are typically infected and what are the common characteristics of those organs?
•Describe the symptoms.
•What other bacteria or viruses are associated with the disease?
•Describe the common modes of infections.
•Describe the pathogenicity of the microbes involved in the disease.
•Describe the treatments for the disease.
•What is the fatality rate?
•Describe the history of this disease throughout history.
•What other diseases are associated with this disease?

•Include AT LEAST 2 pictures of the disease

Paper Information: The synopses will be no shorter than 2 pages per disease (minimum of 12 pages) with a reference page. Also, please use the following specifications for the paper:
•Font – Times New Roman
•Size – 12 point
•Color – Black
•Paragraph – double spaced
•Margins – 1 inch top, bottom, left, and right

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