MEAL plan guidelines

Saturday July 30, 2022

MEAL plan guidelines

April 15, 2017

MEAL plan guidelines
ASSIGNMENT: For your assignment this week, revise the paragraph from your Week 3 Assignment, to align with MEAL plan guidelines, so that your paragraph includes a main idea, supporting evidence, analysis, and lead-out.
This is the comments from the instructor from the last paper.
This was a good effort. You will need to work on the organization of it. Try this format for better development: (1) Introduce the piece of literature in your introduction to provide some context. You did this to some extent. (2) Analyze it. (3) Explain it. (4) Summarize it.
How to improve the teaching quality

The teacher should encourage team working among the students. Through collaborative learning, the students can share their knowledge and understanding of the different topics or areas of study. The teacher has to assign marks only to the active group members for the groups to ensure that all the students will burden themselves with a duty of participating in the group discussions. Each member actions should contribute to the failure or success of the group as a whole hence increase the level of interdependence among the students. In groups the slow learners will enquire from their colleagues on the areas they didn’t fully understand during the lecture hours. The groups should not be too large but should consist of at least 5-10 members to ensure they are manageable (Barkley, Major, & Cross, 2014).


Barkley, E. F., Major, C. H., & Cross, K. P. (2014). Collaborative learning techniques: A Handbook for college faculty.

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