MBA597 Active Learning Exercise 1

Tuesday July 19, 2022

MBA597 Active Learning Exercise 1

May 12, 2017

MBA597 Active Learning Exercise 1
Active Learning Exercise 1

Noted psychologist David McClelland characterized entrepreneurs as possessing the following traits: (1) Desire for responsibility, (2) Preference for moderate risk, (3) Confidence in their abilities, (4) Determination, (5) Desire for immediate feedback, (6) High level of energy, (7) Future orientation, (8) Skill in organizing, and (9) Value of achievement over money.

Using the Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment, rate yourself on each trait based on a scale of 5 (this trait is most like me) to 1 (this trait is not at all like me). Note an example about your behaviors that demonstrates and supports your rating on each trait. Remember that no one scores high on all of the traits. Then, based on your reading and the results of your assessment, write an essay analyzing your personal profile:

Discuss your strengths as well as some areas that you would like to develop.

Explain how your personal and professional experiences, formal and informal education, or people you have met or for whom you have worked have prepared you to become a successful entrepreneur.

Then explain how your personal values or ethical standards relate to your profile.

In addition to earning your MBA, discuss any other goals you have made or steps you plan to take in order toenhance your success as an entrepreneur.

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