Maritime Archaelogy

Monday July 11, 2022

Maritime Archaelogy

March 19, 2017

Write a clear, concise abstract on an issue, controversy or debate in maritime or underwater archaeology.

The abstract should be a single paragraph and although you do not need to include in-text citation (as is convention for abstracts) you should include a bibliography of 2-3 indicative references to accompany your abstract.
As this is an academic university paper, the references must be publish academic books or journals about the issue – not Wikipedia and internet links
Note: an abstract is an exercise in communicating an idea as best possible in very few words. Word-count is important and words must be chosen carefully.

Spelling, sentence structure, grammar and punctuation must be correct. Spelling is Australian English, not US or U.K. English

I have included the marking guide for the Abstract
I have included a range of references to get you started with an idea an issue, controversy or debate in maritime or underwater archaeology and in some of them they provide an example of an Abstract

Please consider the following points when you are preparing your assignments:
•    Is the layout correct?
•    Is your work clearly written using correct grammar, style, spelling, and so on?
•    Is your work well organised? Have you thought about the structure of your
•    work?
•    Have all of the figures, tables and maps been included, labelled and
•    referenced in the text correctly?
•    Is your work referenced correctly (both citations in text and in bibliography)?
•    Have you proof-read your work?

Refer to the word document and references

The World Wide Web is a rich source of information – and misinformation! Use the
web with care and a critical eye. Always look for peer-reviewed, legitimate sources,
especially on line.

Not every website is suitable as a resource for scholarly work. The next time you find a web page that you would like to cite in an assignment, ask yourself the following
•    Is this the best source? –are there any published (peer-reviewed) articles or
•    chapters which would be better than a website to make your point?
•    Who wrote/published the web page?
•    Is the person a legitimate specialist in the field? Are they part of a reputable
•    organisation?
•    Why did they write or publish it?
•    Are they trying to sell something or push their agenda to influence your point of view or examine issues?
•    When was it last updated?
•    Is the material maintained, or left on the web without alteration?
•    Can the information be verified through reputable sources?
•    Does the web page contain information that makes sense in terms of what you
•    have already read on a topic? Are the basic facts correct?
•    If the page is written by someone in the field, is not trying to sell you something or present only one point of view, and is up to date and factual, then it is probably
•    appropriate to cite it in your assignment. If it does not satisfy any of these criteria,ask yourself if you must use the web page, or if the material could be found





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