Jones, Criminals of the Bible (2006) Religion & Theology Book Review (Book Review Sample)

Sunday July 10, 2022

Book Review on Jones, Criminals of the Bible (2006)
Book Review on Jones, Criminals of the Bible (2006)
The nature regarding what is seen as crime by individuals and the applied punishment for each and every crime undertaken has always changed. In this written by Mark Jones, the existing crumple that occurs between what the book perceive as crime and what is contemporary referred by the social order as crime has been evaluated by this book written by Jones. Each case study is covered by Jones through the application of the Biblical text and some contemporary interpretation. The majority sections of this book written by Jones looks at the following key aspects: the reference’s scripture for the crime; a diminutive bibliography regarding the principle character(s); the legal, societal, as well as political explanation and crime’s context for that era; the similar view of crime by the current legislative, societal and political mirror; and the education that can be acquired from the offense on the levels of society and that of a person. It is seen that the punishment that were awarded, as well as those that were not passed gives a clear understanding regarding the evolvement of crime and punishment in the society. For example, some of the major figures in this book who are held by Christian as virtuous could be in today’s legal system seen as criminal. 25 events are talked about by Mark Jones where the crime issue of crime and penalty in this unequivocal regard can be premeditated. This paper provides a review of the book as it is related to crime and punishment.

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